Friday, 11 July 2014

Free 400g Bag Royal Canine

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Been a Busy #BzzAgent Bee

I have been lucky to have done quite a few #BzzAgent campaigns over the last few months.

My definite favourite so far has had to have been the Scholl Velvet Smooth Pedi one. Wow what a problem my feet have gone from beat to neat I tell you.

Another campaign I was involved in March - June was the Nair Argan Oil Shower cream. Was not particularly impressed with that, it didn't remove all of my hair and was a bit of a pain to apply as in was messy. Much prefer to shave.

I am currently taking part in the a2 milk campaign.

 a2 Milk is a cows' milk naturally rich in only the A2 protein and none of the A1 protein.  That means a2 Milk may provide relief to many of the one in five Brits who struggle to digest cows' milk.

Cows' milk contains protein.  There are two different types of protein - known as A1 and A2. Originally all cows had just the A2 protein but over the years A1 has become the dominant one in European and UK herds.

 A1 protein digests differently to A2 protein and has been linked to discomfort after drinking milk. Some people may, in fact, be reacting to this specific A1 protein, rather than lactose or other general milk proteins, as is commonly assumed. 

a2 milk tastes great and it really has made a noticeable difference to the comfort of my stomach as i suffer from IBS and is has definitely feels less bloated now I have changed to a2 milk.

The only problem I have is that it is very hard to find it on the supermarket shelves.

Thursday, 20 March 2014

#BzzAgent Campaigns

Sorry I have not been here for some time again, naughty me really I must keep up but work keeps be busy and we have got the builders in to fitting a new heating system.

Anyway in the past couple of weeks I have been taking part in and invited to a few BzzAgent campains.

I have just about completed all the activities for the Vanish Gold campaign which ends in a few days.

This stuff is fab, works really well in removing stains from clothes, I also used it on my carpet which had become a bit grubby. I used it on my work shirts after I had spilt tomato ketchup all down it and this stuff removed that with ease at a 40 degree wash. Highly recommend and have brought some more myself.


Another campaign I have been involved with and enjoyed is the McCain Ready Baked Jackets. I have almost completed all the activities for this too.


I am writing this review as it happens. I am going to try one of the Mccain Ready Baked Jackets for the first time. I am not expecting it to taste as good as an oven baked jacket - but am hoping it will taste better than a normal microwaved one. So upon taking the packet out of the freezer (which is a nice sized box that packs in easily), the first thing I am doing is reading the instructions. The instructions on the 2 portion pack are showing how long you need to cook either 1 or 2 jackets for. They state to be cooked from frozen and warn to not overcook. I have an 800 watt microwave, there are instructions for 650/750/850 watt microwaves so I calculate I need to put mine on for 4 min 45 secs on full power. Plus 2 minutes standing time. (To note there are also instructions to cook in the oven on the box). Upon opening the box its nice to see that there is no other packaging inside such a plastic wrappers and that the potatoes are loose. So many things are over packed nowadays. The potatoes are a nice, larger size than I was expecting and they have a cross slit into the top of them. Whilst my potato is cooking in the microwave I can gather my filling. I have decided on Tuna & Cheese and I must have butter and pepper too. Mmmmm - I can smell it cooking. It is cooked, now I need to wait a couple of minutes to "leave it to stand". Upon taking it out of the microwave I note there is no crispy skin - which is slightly disappointing but would be surprised if the microwave crisped anything anyway. It is extremely soft and fluffy so that's nice. It does smell like a "proper" jacket potato. Filling added, now for the tasting. Well that was rather yummy, the inside of the potato itself tasted exactly like an oven baked jacket potato would, it was soft and fluffy and exactly the texture I like it. It did not shrink either whilst in the microwave. The only negative point is I didn't like the skin, I tried it but left most of it. I like my potato skin crispy and although the colour looked like a crispy potato does, it was very soft. So over all:- For the packaging and instructions I give 5/5 For the ease of cooking I give 5/5 For the taste of the potato I give 4/5 (solely due to personal taste of how I like my skin) If I could give an over all score of 4.5 out of 5 I would but as I am not able to I have had to give a 4 as not quite perfect. In regards to value for money, although £1.65 (which is what they would have been if I hadn't got them free), seems a lot of money for 2 potatoes I think the ease of use and taste justifies the price. I will definitely buy these again however, they will be great to keep a stock of in the freezer for a speedy lunch or quick dinner. Perfect to serve with my curries.


The third campaign I am currently taking part in is the JOHN FRIEDA® FRIZZ EASE® 

This was my first review :


13 March 2014 by DirtyAngelMichelle
To be honest I was really unsure whether this would make a difference to me hair. It is rather lank, frizzy and dry looking. When I opened the bottle and squeezed some onto my hand I did not like the smell very much, I like my shampoo to have a perfumed smell to it, whether it by flowery or fruity. The consistency of it was nice, not too thick or too thin. When I rubbed it onto my hair though, wow did it lather up well, maybe I should have used a bit less, it was very easy to rinse off despite the lather. My hair felt rather dry after using the shampoo but upon putting the conditioner on my hair I immediately felt the smoothness and softness. The other thing I was concerned about prior to using this is serums have always made my hair look greasy but I used the "6 Effects Serum" on soaking wet hair as per the instructions, it did not feel quite as "siliconey" as other serums have felt in the past. Upon drying my hair I noticed the difference from the front straight away and when I took the photo and saw the back. Wow. What a difference. I would highly recommend this product, apart from my personal dislike of the smell, (so only gave it 4 stars out of 5 due to this)it does exactly what it says on the bottle. I have posted this review along with a before and after picture, to prove how good it has worked.

I have also been invited to 2 further campaigns :-

All I am required to do for this one is submit a video. Will be reviewing this with a completely open mind as am rather old fashioned when it comes to my washing and only ever use powder. 

This one I am also extremely interested in, as 2 days ago I completely sliced my nail in half down to the cuticle using one of my disposable razors, and it really hurt. Nair should be pain free. I hope.


Hopefully I won't leave it so long before my next post.

Friday, 21 February 2014

Another BzzReport for Vanish Gold


February 19, 2014 by DirtyAngelMichelle
I went to see my mum who has 3 cats. One of her cats had not been very well and had been sick all over her white cotton duvet cover, however it was some hours before my mum found it so it was dried in. My mum put her duvet cover in the wash but due to the silver thread in it mum can't wash it at a hot temperature. After a 40 degree wash and dried there was rather an unsightly stain remaining in the middle. Mum was rather upset about it when I went to see her as it was very unsightly and the cover had cost her a lot of money. I told my mum that I had been accepted by BzzAgent to test Vanish Gold and offered to take it home for her and try it on her duvet cover after explaining it worked by dissolving the stain, often within 30 seconds. A week later I returned to my mum with a sparkling, stain free duvet cover. I pretreated it with the Vanish Gold prior to washing it in the machine, and also put a scoopful in the machine. My mum was very happy and I gave her one of my vouchers and also advised her that currently the big tubs of Vanish Gold are also currently on offer in Tescos.