Friday, 21 February 2014

Another BzzReport for Vanish Gold


February 19, 2014 by DirtyAngelMichelle
I went to see my mum who has 3 cats. One of her cats had not been very well and had been sick all over her white cotton duvet cover, however it was some hours before my mum found it so it was dried in. My mum put her duvet cover in the wash but due to the silver thread in it mum can't wash it at a hot temperature. After a 40 degree wash and dried there was rather an unsightly stain remaining in the middle. Mum was rather upset about it when I went to see her as it was very unsightly and the cover had cost her a lot of money. I told my mum that I had been accepted by BzzAgent to test Vanish Gold and offered to take it home for her and try it on her duvet cover after explaining it worked by dissolving the stain, often within 30 seconds. A week later I returned to my mum with a sparkling, stain free duvet cover. I pretreated it with the Vanish Gold prior to washing it in the machine, and also put a scoopful in the machine. My mum was very happy and I gave her one of my vouchers and also advised her that currently the big tubs of Vanish Gold are also currently on offer in Tescos.

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