Friday, 21 February 2014

Vanish Gold Review


February 19, 2014 by DirtyAngelMichelle
My BzzAgent Review of Vanish Gold I now use vanish gold in the wash for all my sons chef whites. It removes all stains 100% each wash on his clothes which are washed at 60 degrees. However when used on some mud and grass stains on my own Jersey Sweatshirts that I can only wash at 30 degrees, without pre-treating it is not removing all stains. I will add however, if I pre-treat the stain using the Vanish Gold by mixing with the warm water and then rubbing in it does remove the stain, so fab job if you have the time to sort clothes and pre-treat. I will however continue to use Vanish Gold now as a regular part of my laundry routine. The picture shows the slight staining from mud left on my sweatshirt after washing with Vanish Gold added to my wash - this was caused by a rabbit with muddy paws jumping into my arms.

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