Saturday, 25 January 2014

~Feeling Excited About My BzzKit~

Oh excited much, Oh yes I am, my Vanish Gold bzzkit has arrived today can't wait to open up but am leaving it until Monday as currently have a house full and want to video the opening of it in peace and quiet.

Friday, 24 January 2014

Slim Fast Bargains

Head to Boots on line for some great Slim Fast bargains. The Powder shakes are just £2.97 instead of £5.95. They are also available currently at the same price in Sainsburys.

Thursday, 23 January 2014

Tesco Shop Update

Managed to use all of my vouchers apart from the Listerine one they didn't have any at all on the shelves so will look in town tomorrow in Boots and Superdrugs and see what price they have it at, something like this I will only use the coupon on if it is already reduced in the first place as can always find something cheaper anyway without having to use a coupon - if you get what I mean.

Mini Sainsburys shop

Plan on using these in Sainsburys tomorrow should make a £3.65 shop £2.55

Tesco Offers with Vouchers

Tesco have got Listerine Advanced Defence on offer at £3.66 instead of £5 another 50p off if using voucher from Caring Everyday. 

Some of the McCain Wedges at Tesco are £1 - only 50p after using the voucher from

Robinsons sugar free squash £1 at Tesco - 75p with voucher from Change 4 Life.

Using all of the coupons below my £17.15 shop will come to £10.31

Shopping list

1 pack of 4 Activia Intensley Creamy - £2.19 - £1.00 = £1.19
Mcains Mexican Wedges - £1.00 - 50p = 50p
x2 Green Giant Salt free sweetcorn = £1.28 - x2 30p  = 68p
x2 Quaker Oat So Simple Heaps of Fruit pots = £2.38 - £2.38 = free
1 lt Robinsons Lemon no added sugar squash - £1 - 25p = 75p
x2 600ml Pepsi Max - BOGOF £1.19 - 25p = 94p
Listerine Advanced 500ml £3.66 - £1 = £2.66
Tena Light Liners - £1.49 - 40p = £1.09
Neutrogena Visbily Clear Pink Grapefruit Cream Wash  £3 - 50p = £2.50

Quick Grab a Quaker Oats So Simple Freebie

Go here to grab a coupon for a free pot of Quaker Oats So Simple but you got to be quick only 20,000 pots available.

Morries Offers with Vouchers

Yesterday I popped into 

and used a couple of my vouchers as they had some items on offer.

This was on offer at £1.50 so only cost me £1 after using my 50p off voucher,

and these were on offer at £1.49 so cost me 99p after using my voucher from Caring Everyday

Tuesday, 21 January 2014

My Printables and Postal Goodies Today

This is what vouchers I have printed, (from my new printer) and goodies I have received in the post today.

Weekend update

I had my grand-daughter Kira for the weekend. On Saturday we went into town and got some wallpaper samples which I let her choose. On Sunday we used the wallpaper samples to decorate her dolls house.

I think it looks rather fab.


Saturday afternoon we paid a visit to

it was very, very noisy in there. Maybe next time I will pick a much quieter time of day.


My new microwave has arrived, it looks rather fab, shiny and red.


Also as I type this my new printer is being installed so I can get back to printing out my lovely money saving coupons.

Friday, 17 January 2014

Wow Amazon Prices Change Quickly

I just went onto Amazon to check the delivery status of my new HP printer I have ordered and it has already gone up by £10 so I thought I would check the price of the cartridges I brought with it they have gone up by £2 . Goes to show you need to research and compare prices. Glad I ordered when I did, although I probably wouldn't have paid £70 for it anyway.

Thursday, 16 January 2014

New Microwave Purchase From Next

My son managed to "melt" my microwave a few weeks back cooking some rice in it. I have been using his very cheap Wilkinsons microwave recently which basically is awful. It only has a 17 litre capacity and I can't even fit my dinner plates in it and it also has a funny overheated electrical smell to it when used for too long, as when I was heating my Snuggle Safe pads for my bunnies at 4 x 8mins each it smelt awful.

So I have ordered this to replace it from Next, I hope its ok as £65 still pretty cheap but it looks nice and smart in the picture.

Today's Postal Vouchers

Mr Postman today has brought me some goodies, I have a £2.00 S C Johnson voucher following my complaint and some money off vouchers I requested in the post from the links I posted in previous posts as my printer has packed up.

Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Bzzagent campaign invite

Well, it's 2am, I am at work on my lunch break and thought I would check my emails, and yippee I have an invite to the Vanish Gold campaign via Bzzagent. I can't wait to start testing this. Be prepared for many updates to follow. 

What has today brought..

I am going to appear to be a right blooming misery today ....

I have woken up after 5 hours sleep following a 10 hour night shift after being awake for 24 hours feeling like death warmed up, can barely function and have another 10 hour shift tonight.

My Kodak printer has given up the ghost so have had to buy a new printer with new cartridges too - bye bye another £80

This one - click here for details

I am rather peeved due to the fact I was printing off all my money off vouchers in one go - went to printer to get them and none of them have printed properly. Replaced cartridge, cleaned printhead, nothing - poof it is buggered.

Bzzagent has got a new campaign  hope I am one of the lucky ones its for vanish gold which looks fab.

I would like to recommend a fab facebook page that has helped me find some good money saving offers and sites -

Tuesday, 14 January 2014

My reply from Johnson regarding my complaint about the electrical wipes

Dear Ms. Smith,

Thank you for your reply.
In regards to your question SC Johnson is a manufacturer of cleaning products. These are all specially formulated to clean different kinds of products and surfaces and depending on those
formulations, different claims are made on the product labels.
However, SC Johnson is not the manufacturer of the surfaces to be cleaned. Those surfaces are multiple and, for commercial advantage, those manufactures (be they of TV screens, kitchen
work tops, toilet seats or shower screens) all try to differentiate their products from their competition. This frequently involves applying special finishes to them (often patent protected). In many instances these special finishes require special or specific treatment, that will be explained and highlighted in their manuals.

SC Johnson can neither test its products on all the thousands of available surfaces in the market place or indeed maintain a database of all the different technologies used in the manufacturing of different surfaces. Prior to cleaning, it is always important to read and follow the care instructions for a particular surface and, when these are not available, to test any cleaning product / methodology on a small inconspicuous area first, to make sure no damage is caused. This is therefore the
advice that SC Johnson conveys to consumers via the label of its products.

I will be sending you today a letter, enlcosed will be a voucher to the value of the product.

I would like to thank you once again for your contact.
Yours sincerely,

Filipe Rosa
Customer Service Advisor

SC Johnson

Bunny licking my hand - you gotta love an Eddie

Another great coupon site

Caring Everyday ---  This is basically a coupon site offering Johnson & Johnson money off coupons - some good ones in there too.

Johnsons bubble bath is £1.50 in Tesco so will cost you only 50p when using the coupon.

Monday, 13 January 2014

Today I Have

Done sweet nothing really apart from housework.

Cooked stew and dumplings for dinner.

Cleaned the bunnies out.

Spent hours and hours playing Sims 3.

Looking forward to watching Benefit Street later.

Kira dancing along to Elmo

This is my grandaughter a few years back a video i just found - so cute

Test panel opportunites - Try goodies for free

Apply to join the Nivea body products test panel

Bzzagent - you can get to test out some great products

Savvy Circle to test brands by Proctor and Gamble

Be aware when joining any of the above it is not just about being sent items and testing them - you have to blog, tweet, and facebook about them, you need to "spread the word". It is all about advertising your opinion. The more you do the more campaigns you will be invited to.

Sunday, 12 January 2014

Today I have......

Had a yummy cooked big breakfast at Morrisons ...

Went to Wickes to get some more patio slabs for the bunny runs....

Saw Maria on her birthday and had cake...

Went to Quarrywood to check out Pets at Home and buy some bunny chocs as running low...

Checked out the Smythes toy shop ( crap for board games )

Watched World War Z on DVD and enjoyed muchly

Todays money off coupon finds

Go-cat free sample

£1 voucher of The City Kitchen meals at Tesco - You need to like the facebook page to get the voucher

50p off Mccains Wedges - you play a neat quiz to enter a competition and get your voucher at the end - its fun honest

30p off Green Giant

£1 off next purchase of cowandgate growing up milk

Weightwatchers vouchers - loads of printable vouchers on one page valid until 31/01/2014


50p off any collective dairy product

Complaint to Johnson re Pledge Electronic wipes

I emailed Johnson yesterday to complain about their electronics wipes which are supposed to be smear and residue free and suitable for Plasma TV's. They were utter rubbish and left awful smears on my Plasma TV screen.

Happy Birthday Maria

Saturday, 11 January 2014

Crazy bunny steals the pole

I found this whilst searching the net - so very funny

Today I have.....

Finished paying for our girlie weekend away to Butlins

Created this blog....

Watched Elysium on DVD and thought it rubbish....

Cooked some yummy pork chops and herby mash for dinner....

Eaten a whole box of Jaffa cakes - oops....

Signed up for Change for Life

Introducing my Bunny Fur Babies

This first picture is Eddie - he is about 3 years old neutered male I got him from a friend of mine to try and bond him with Honey who is in the picture below with him.

 Here are two pictures of Eddie and Honey

I have no idea how old Honey is she was found dumped in a ditch with an eye injury by a neighbour who brought her to me nearly 2 years ago, she is my special baby.

Here is a picture of my bonded female pair Minnie (the black and white one) and Meg they are about 2 years old.

Minnie and Meg munching their dandelions

 Oreo aka as Iggle Piggle muching her dandelions

And last but not least Honey looking cute munching her dandelions

Lets Get Cooking at Home

Very good UK based cheap and easy recipe and advice click here for link to page

Caffe Nero "sexist" picture removal post

Caffe Nero coffee chain to remove 'sexist' artwork from walls after complaint at Ashford's designer retail outlet

This has to be the most ridiculous story of the day - how on earth is this picture sexist

Quidco - a fab money back website (click on the word "Quidco" below for direct link to site)

Quidco - this is a very good site to get money back on your normal purchases - always check here first before buying anything online to see if they have a discount .

Today's money off voucher links - click on each line to go to correct page

50p off Velvet tissue products

50p off Cushelle products

50p off Plenty kitchen towels

£1 off Airwick products

50p off Clover

Its Saturday and a rest day - Yayyy

I love my shifts when my rest days fall into a 3 day weekend.

I work as a radio dispatcher for the police here in the UK - I can't talk about my job too much though as not allowed.

I finished Early Turn at 16:00 hours yesterday and I am not back at work until 20:00 Tuesday night - love this set.

Today I have been doing the housework, but its not been too bad really nice to get it out of the way, so I can enjoy the rest of my time off.

Tomorrow is my oldest daughter, Maria's 27th birthday. Here she is below. I am very proud of her.

I am not brilliantly creative just a normal Joe

Things I like to do with my free time.

The main thing is looking after my fur babies, I have 5 rabbits and 2 puss cats.

Next is my family, I have 3 "children" now aged 26, 24, 21 and a beautiful granddaughter aged 5. - who doesn't do facebook now - have gotten tons and tons of money off coupons from this page - hoping to get some nice campaigns in on this one