Wednesday, 15 January 2014

What has today brought..

I am going to appear to be a right blooming misery today ....

I have woken up after 5 hours sleep following a 10 hour night shift after being awake for 24 hours feeling like death warmed up, can barely function and have another 10 hour shift tonight.

My Kodak printer has given up the ghost so have had to buy a new printer with new cartridges too - bye bye another £80

This one - click here for details

I am rather peeved due to the fact I was printing off all my money off vouchers in one go - went to printer to get them and none of them have printed properly. Replaced cartridge, cleaned printhead, nothing - poof it is buggered.

Bzzagent has got a new campaign  hope I am one of the lucky ones its for vanish gold which looks fab.

I would like to recommend a fab facebook page that has helped me find some good money saving offers and sites -

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